Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially sprung. Last week was the Spring Equinox, and the time changed a couple of weekends ago, so now I wake up in the dark, and it’s light later in the evening. I can feel the change as the sun warms the atmosphere, cutting the chill from the air as the earth once again tilts the Northern Hemisphere toward Sol.

By the end of the week, though, a storm passed over the region and wet, heavy snow blew over our little meadow. The result is an overcast and chilly start to the weekend. Here is my view as I spend my days at the keyboard.

(c) 2019, JJ Shaun

Springtime is a season of renewal, rebirth, and balance. Christians celebrate Easter, Jews celebrate Passover, the Pagans celebrate Ostara, and the Native American Medicine Wheel advances to the first Procession. In fact, almost every native culture in the world marks the Spring Equinox in one form or another.

I can already see a faint hint of green on some of the trees as I drive around town. That, in itself, is cause for celebration. I’m tired of snow and cold and four layers of clothing to keep warm. I’m ready for t-shirt weather. I want to ride, and it’s too damned cold in the winter to do so unless we experience one of those rare 60+-degree days in December. And then, one must wear the battery heated underwear or run the risk of frostbite.

In my neck of the woods, March is a volatile month, the weather is fiercely unpredictable. Some of our worst storms hit us in March, and we’ve learned to be prepared. The first year we lived on the mountain, the days surrounding Saint Paddy’s Day brought the worst weather I’ve ever experienced. Three days of howling wind and heavy snow left more than five feet of the white stuff layering the mountain, and we couldn’t get off our property for almost a week afterward.

The residents had to hire a contractor with a small earthmover to move snow off the roads, snow plows were useless. The guy made a killing that day. He not only charged to clear the main access road and all the subdivision roads, but he also charged each resident to clear their driveway. It was a mess, and to add insult to injury, our Explorer (Exploder?) caught fire on the way home from the first shopping excursion after we finally got off the mountain. We lost almost a thousand bucks worth of food, alcohol, and other stuff along with that car. We watched it burn.

This year, we had a similar storm but didn’t get nearly as much snow. The wind was worse, and the bulk of the blizzard came out of the north and not the east—that’s when we get the most snow. The weather guys call that an “upslope” storm, and when that happens, batten down the hatches because we’re in for a rough ride.

Now is the time to replant my perennials; time to move them from the pots from which they are bursting and out into the yard. Unfortunately, it’s also mud season, and the ground is well-neigh saturated right now. Of course, that will make it easier to replant my flowers.

I’ve never been much of a gardener throughout my life. My senior year of high school, my folks bought a new house on a corner lot. With almost three-quarters of an acre (in town, no less), my dad was able to separate our backyard into two distinct areas. Right out the back door and off the covered porch, my mom insisted on sinking a swimming pool. That would have been the entire yard had we lived almost anywhere else. But my dad fenced off the side yard and planted a few fruit and nut trees—his own little orchard. My mom kept the obligatory flowers in the back, and they were generally the wild variety that didn’t require much maintenance. To say I’m not from a gardening family would be an understatement.

Lately, though, I’ve been thinking about putting in a garden, planting flowers around the house, and increasing our collection of house plants. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, because I’ve managed to kill most of my house plants in the past, but I feel a need to talk to my step-daughter about getting cuttings from one of her plants.

Perhaps it’s the time of year or the cycle of the moon, maybe it’s the phase of life I’m approaching. I’m not sure where the Universe is guiding me, but I can feel the pull grow ever stronger and significant changes are coming. I know I need patience right now a lot of events are approaching the horizon, and I just have that feeling that everything may occur at once—as the Creator is wont to do to test our strength and readiness to move forward.

I can feel the energy shift as new people enter my world who support the next phase of my life. Am I ready?

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Oh, the memories of that swimming pool. Who would have thought that my little trike couldn’t make it over the cover?


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