The Winter Hiatus is Over

Life has a way of overwhelming us very quickly. That is what happened after my last post. To make a long story short, my career got a bit more demanding and complicated, some of my family moved into the area from the east, and, of course, immediate local family events always take precedence.

So, once more, dear readers, I apologize for the delay.

Now, I want to give you a peek into what’s been frolicking though my life and my imagination.

The family members that moved to the area play Dungeons & Dragons. As you know I’ve been playing a long time, but my local family aren’t gamers – nor are most of my friends. My friends that are gamers mostly play different types of games than I do. My taste runs more to high and low fantasy, theirs, more to bang-bang-shoot-‘em-ups. I don’t have that kind of dexterity and, consequently, both of us get frustrated. I turned to online gaming and have found a small gaming group that loves to write about our character and our adventures.

When January came along, I made a commitment to sit down and write every day, if possible – the only rule is that I write something. I started by just sitting down at the keyboard and freewriting what came into my head. I did that for about three days when the ideas and a new story line began organically. Remember that my family likes to play D&D?

Enter the new campaign.

We have played through one module. I am telling the story of my character and the rest of our merry mob of misfits. I still need to include some backstory from the other characters – I just don’t have all of it yet. Well, that and the party hasn’t really been in a place where they can get to know each other – that’s coming. When I’m satisfied with the first chapters, you’ll find them posted under a yet-to-be-created tab that I’ll call Fan Fiction.

I have other ideas also. The current political landscape has my inner rebel shouting and screaming at what is happening, and a series of stories is beginning to take shape in my imagination. The first story still needs a little polish, and I’ll take care of that when I pull my head out of the story I’m working on now.

I have other characters outlined, but aren’t really fleshed out – they aren’t clamoring for attention – yet. Those notebooks haven’t called to me, but in time they will.

My online gaming group is close to venturing into a new story line, this one promises much hilarity along the way. This group of youngsters will be caught up in events that are beyond their control – but they insist on taking responsibility for everything that happens.

Some of the ideas running through my head are a bit more amorphous than a solid character. They are ideas and visions of what it means to be family. That seems to be a theme that runs through my writing. Maybe that’s because I spent my life as a nomad, moving from place to place and not putting down deep roots until I was in my late 30s. It’s a theme that my characters will continue to explore, just as I do myself.

Stay tuned for more stories. And, once again, thanks for being patient.

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