Last-Minute Shopping

I have been dealing with end-of-year stuff for the past couple of weeks. You know, doctor and dental appointments and such, before my insurance changes. For the most part, I’m pretty healthy for my age. I have one little issue to resolve that could require additional coverage—and even that “coverage” will be sketchy. I have … Continue reading Last-Minute Shopping

The Health Care Maze

Ah, the American “health care” system. For the past forty or so years, the “health care” insurance industry in the United States has been a for-profit enterprise, and the CEOs rake in billions for their businesses. It’s not like they care about the health and well-being of the average American. It’s all about the money, … Continue reading The Health Care Maze

Starting Slow

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. Mostly, I’ve been catching up on those little things that get away from you when you work a full-time-plus job. (My career would have eaten my life if I’d let it.) I needed to talk to a financial advisor to make sure … Continue reading Starting Slow