Starting Slow

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. Mostly, I’ve been catching up on those little things that get away from you when you work a full-time-plus job. (My career would have eaten my life if I’d let it.) I needed to talk to a financial advisor to make sure … Continue reading Starting Slow

The Travel Bug

First Reader and I have traveled a lot of the United States, in the car, or on our motorcycles. Our first road trip was right after Christmas the first year we were together. We spent a little more than two weeks traveling around the Midwest, visiting friends, and reconnecting with my kids. That trip set … Continue reading The Travel Bug

Character Creation II

Exciting characters make the most compelling stories—at least in my reading experiences. Maybe that's why my stories almost always begin with a character rather than a plot. Well, except one and I'm working on that. One of my first characters, Meegan Redoak, is still rattling around in my head. She and her friend, Skrie, are … Continue reading Character Creation II